Marketing Idea No. 216 – How to utilize default setting to create profit for your brand

Remember the last time you bought a mobile phone?

Of course you do. Human beings love affair with their cell phone can only be matched with that of particularly passionate pre-marital relationship within a 1 year shelf-life. Simply put, we love our phones, at least the one we spend a lot of money to buy.

With that established (throw in human tendancy to personalize everything), wouldnt it be natural that we change our mobile phone default settings like ringtone, sms tone, wallpaper etc.?

You couldnt be more wrong. Research shows that in most cases, people tend to stick to the default settings that manufacturer gives them.

There are two things to learn from this. One, never underestimate the power of inertia. Human being would do anything to maintain status quo and ensure things never change; even if that means not changing that irritating ring-tone that the handset manufacturer has set as default. Secondly, this way, brands can harness this human tendancy to stick to “default settings” and tilt the consumers to the choices that seller would want consumers to buy. Or, even more importantly, the one choice that is more profitable to the seller.

How can you utilize this?

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