Marketing Idea No. 212 – If businesses need leaders not managers, how come your business card does’nt say that?

If 20th century can be described as the century of business theories, 21st century can best be described as the age of business wisdoms. And one such wisdom, that actually makes a lot of sense, claims that a herd of sheep, or  a political campaign or a front office desk in a drive-in restaurant need managers. But to run a business we need leaders, not managers.   

If that is such widely accepted, how come your business card still says “Marketing Manager?” Like all the management contradictions, we are internally saying one thing and externally saying another. In our earnest attempt to ride the 21st century wave of changes, we are biting hard on the business fads. But in reality, we are still holding on to our age old beliefs.

So if you are asking your employees to be leaders, not managers – the least you can do for them is stop labelling them as managers.

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