Marketing Idea No. 181 – Facebook Photo

Can photo shops be specialized?

Judging from what we currently have, they can. Just look at the kind of photo shops we have.

1. Express photo

2. Photo for Visa and other government use

3. Photo from digital camera

4. Photo print out only

5. Photo processing shops

Add one more to that category. Facebook profile photo.

Facebook is a personal marketing media, and people often spend a lot of time choosing and uploading their profile pictures. Photo shops in the metro area can bank on this trend. These shops can specialize in taking exciting / good looking profile pictures for Facebook only.

  1. The idea sounds good…however it seems that photo shops in Bangladesh tend to diversify more and generalize their services, that is to be offering each and everything under the sun under one roof, so I wonder how they would take the idea of specializing. Nevertheless, there is no alternative to focusing.

  2. Rumi 13 years ago

    The Idea seems Nice. Its like re-branding the Model Photography.

  3. Abu Taiyab 13 years ago

    though the idea is good…the ultimate question is how much are people willing to pay without any hesitation ?

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