Marketing Idea No. 173 – Bouncing Toys and arranging kiddy parties

This maybe a cool time for kids to grow up, but parents would think otherwise. Gone are the days when you would sit beside the window worriedly and wait for your kid to return home after a dirty game of cricket. Today’s kids hardly leave home, (no) thanks to internet with PC invasion and lack of playing spaces. Hence the campaign, dirt is good by Surf Excel, consoling and encouraging millions of mothers to send their kids outdoor for a healthier upbringing.


But we don’t want to talk about detergent here. What we want to talk about is trampoline, hoola hoops and other inflatable toys.


These are great solutions for a great time inside the house. When you are up bouncing in one of the inflatable bouncing toys, you just cant get enough of it. These toys are inexpensive, ensures that they don’t take much space and most importantly through these toys children can come together to have a great time inside the house.


Our event management firms can do some great business here. They can arrange small kiddy parties by temporarily hiring spaces, supply these inflatable toys and thus reach out to millions of worried mothers who want their children to have a great time with friends, especially in the face of dwindling outdoor spaces. Even without arranging parties, these toys themselves can guarantee good time. So even the toy distributors in the country can cash in.


In a country faced with lack of entertainment and outdoor space problem, this maybe the ultimate kid entertainment solution.

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