Marketing Idea No. 172 – Jamdani saree and beyond

If looks could kill, Bangladeshy Jamdani-clad women could have started a massacre.


Jamdani has traditionally been one of THE symbol of Bangladeshi heritage, a sort of romantic reminder of the Muslin. While its charm and simple elegance in complicated weaving is timeless, time has come to look at Jamdani and say…whats new?


Two opportunities lie in Jamdani sector. Saree houses and Boutiques in the country, listen up.



  1. Any fashion house can launch a full range of Jamdani accessories like blouse, earrings, necklaces, shoes – all that goes with Jamdani’s.
  2. Jamdani with all its pull, at the end of the day, is a generic product. Therefore, any fashion house can brand it and sell premium Jamdani at premium segment.
  3. The Jamdani saree of yesteryears are significantly different from the Jamdani of modern times. Since heritage products and very chic now, fashion houses can revive the old Jamdani designs and style.

All this will ensure that even within the Jamdani category, significant differentiation and business growth can be made.

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