Marketing Idea No. 167 – A holiday resort with an attitude

Country in recent times have seen a boom in hospitality services. A lot of resorts have sprung up in the last couple of years all providing quality and friendly services.¬† And as more and more people take Thomas Hardy’s learning to heart and arrange for a temporary¬†escapade far away from the maddening crowd, its a safe bet to assume that there will be plenty more resorts to be set up in near future.

What will be a risky bet, is to assume that any of these resorts will look any different from the existing ones or offer anything different in service, ambience, food, experience…anything.

But thats pretty amazing because if half the city dwellers go to holiday resorts to relux and have a quiet time, half of them would want to go to chill, to have a blast, to do something new, to take a break from boring urban lifestyle.

Thats why more and more theme based resorts can open up in different places. These resorts can offer an experience. It can be anything starting from extreme sports to adibashi theme to horror. But what it will do is offer something new and thus attract a new pool of customers.

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  1. Jubair 13 years ago

    Definitely lots of prospect lies in this sector. Think, we work hard throughout the year and after getting the bonus we plan for a vacation. If we see the spots we have like Rangamati, Coxbaazar, Bandarban, Khagrachori -we are blessed with enough natural beauty. But tourists need something more than natural beauty. They need entertainment, safety, comfort. Private sectors are coming up with nice ideas-Foy’s lake, Ashulia theme park, Nandan, Fantacy Kingdom. But we need to nurture the other spots. Government or individual private companies should come forward with brave and brilliant ideas and there is no doubt we could earn a lot from those steps.

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