Marketing Idea No. 16 – Make Branded Optical Lenses

Buying a pair of Sunglass is easy – I would rather buy a Police or a Ray Ban and show my groove. Most importantly, people will know that i am showing buy groove….with the Ray-Ban logo splashed all across my Sunglass.

But when it comes to Optical lenses,  how come no such big name stands out? How come Optical Lenses dont come with strong logo visibility or a brand identification?

The Big Idea

If you are an optical lens maker, for too long you have been hiding in the closet. Get your logo, remove the dust from top it and boldly flaunt it on your optical lens. Your beloved customers will want to let the world know that he is wearing your optical lens.

And yes, you should. If Toyota can flaunt their logo on top of the product, if Chiquita can flaunt the logo on top of its banana – you definitely can.

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  1. Mohammad Jobaed Adnan 14 years ago

    When there is a question about branding on sunglasses, that is ok, because we don’t wear the sunglasses always. And it is basically used for fashion rather than saving your eyes from the sun light. We people like to show off something to others because we feel proud of. But regular optical glasses are not really for showing something off the people. It is used to see something clearly. But when you will go for branding on it, people will not feel free to see a name or a logo in front of their eyes all the time. It will make the whole thing clumsy. May be that’s why optical lens manufacturers don’t go for branding on it.

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