Marketing Idea No. 160 – Fashion Branding and developing a signature

The fashion brands in Bangladesh are caught in a similar narrow space. They are either fighting the battle in “ethnic wear” space or the “new gen-yo” space.

Which is why, without the label, can you tell which clothing belongs to which fashion house?

I sincerely doubt it.

A breath of fresh air in this regard is the “Tanzim” line of clothing from Ecstacy.

With bold branding (All clothing has the name “Tanzim” written at the back in a big bold manner), this clearly stands out. Tommy Hilfiger did the same with his successful brand back in the early 90s.

When the black culture is just emerging as the powerful trend of the 90s, Hilfiger made clothing exclusively for the black people and staying true to the black & bold nature, all his clothing had “Tommy Hilfiger” logo in a larger than life fashion.

Thats one way of doing it. But surely there are many other stuff fashion houses can do.

Look what Deshal is doing. You can clearly recognize a Deshal kameez from distance.

The same was true for Jatra for a while.

But can the same be claimed for DD? For Almira?

Who said all trendy youth stuff has to look the same?
Not every youth has the same taste.

Fashion is tricky business. To survive one has to ride the waves well. And when you are high, ensure that you are prepared for the next wave. Because if you dont have a signature line of clothing, you are nothing but a shop in market space.

  1. kanak aditya 13 years ago

    সুন্দর ব্যাখ্যা। আমন্ত্রণ রইলো দেশালে আসার জন্য।
    কনক আদিত্য
    ডিজাইনার, দেশাল

  2. Ruhaini 13 years ago

    hey there…………i was trying to google Ecstasy by Tanzim to search where the Singapore store was located ( i heard they opened a branch over here)……….and I hit this page……I didnt even realise it was like your blog page…until turin noticed the address – shammograffity……. 🙂

    cool page by the way 🙂

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