Marketing Idea No. 155 – The rise of alternative lifestyle

In a recent study conducted by Grey Worldwide among 16 major Asian nations, some startling facts about Bangladesh was unearthed. According to the study

1. Majority of the Bangladeshi people put health over money as priority. (How about that for a developing nation where majority people live beneath the poverty line?)

2. Dual income household is no longer a luxury, but a necessity

3. Half the women in Bangladesh believe in joint families and are willing to have a good relationship with Mother-in-laws. While the other half thinks, its not really necssary to have an amicable relationship with Mother-in-law. 

What these findings portray is the changing pulse of Bangladeshi people. For better or for worse, we are not who we were 10 years ago. The strong blend of cosmopolitan lifetysle with hopeful outlook and survivor instincts make us a unique race. And that just might mean we need some additional services and facilities, the need of which was not yet felt before.

That of course means brand new business opportunities.

Going by the trend, there will be a strong demand of alternative lifestyle enhancing and supporting services in the country. People will be marrying late. Women will stay single and may need to live in an apartment on their own. Matchmaking websites will focus on elderly people who are looking for second marriage. We might even need old homes for our dads and moms, as there is a growing need in the city for living outside joint families.

All the needs stated above can really open up a total new business sector. Thats why marketers need to look beyond the obvious, feel the pulse of the changing local philosophy and be there with ready products and services to cater to this changing generation.

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