Marketing Idea No. 143 – A Beautiful Hair Day

Outsourcing is a natural outgrowth of delegating what is less important and keeping what is more. We are just busy with too many things to look and keep up with everything – so why not let someone else worry about it while you put a tight leash around his neck? And such mentality is not only limited to corporate sector. As we spend most of our days trying to pay attention to too many things and diverting too many unwanted stimuli while trying to keep focused to what’s important, we are looking for outsourced partners to take care of our individual worries.  

With such an inroad available to customers life and heart, different industries can really seize the day. One such industry can be the hair care sector, specifically the hair salons.   When it comes to hair, few things are universally true.

  1. Very few people actually change their hair salon or barber simply because when it comes to hair people don’t want to take any risk. Hence “Bad Hair Day” is a popular cultural term that everyone is afraid of.
  2. When it comes to cutting hair, people always look for references. It can be the latest cut that Shahrukh Khan is sporting. Or it can be the last time everybody complemented your haircut. Whatever it is, there is always a reference.

Taking the last cue, how can you possible know what your hair looked like, last time when someone complemented your hair cut? One and only way would be to take photo, freeze your look in the frame and store it in a database. But that’s too much hassle for just about anyone. Unless of course someone else is doing it for you to add value to their business.  

This can be a really simple, low cost, effective way for even the smallest barber shops to add value. Since most of his clientele are repeat clients, he can afford to keep a small file for all the customers, buy a camera, take a “Before Hair cut – After Hair Cut” photo of the customers, and store it in their individual file. So whenever the customer wants to look at how effective his last hair cut was, the barber can reproduce it. Whenever the customer want to experiment with his look, but want to take a look at what his hair would look like last time he did an experiment, the barber can produce the photo.  

This is an invaluable service where the customer is removing the burden of remembering from the grateful customers on to himself. And in so doing, he is ensuring two things – he can charge premium price and yet he will never, ever lose that customer. You may get another barber, but you will never get to know what your hair looked like last time you looked beautiful. And that’s price-less.  

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