Marketing Idea No. 140 – Its the “Question”, stupid!

While marketers and consultants spend millions, at times stretching to billions of dollars, to  find the right answer and solution, the truth lies bare – it’s the question, stupid! Ask yourself, are you asking the right questions before looking for the right answers? Do you know what your problem is before you crystallize the solution?

Before going on a wild goose chase of finding a brand positioning for your coveted brain child by paying your ad agency, do you really know what you want to achieve through that brand positioning? Before attending a Tk. 20,000 seminar of some brand consultant turned dean of of so and so business school, did you ask yourself what can you possible learn in 7 hours in a session that you couldn’t find on your own for 7 months? Before getting your hand on that Tk. 30 lac worth research results, do you know what you will do with those results? 

To be simple, are we asking ourselves very few questions? Are we asking the right questions? Are we tired or scared that we don’t know the answers? Is hiring ad agencies or consultants the right way out or the easy way out? 

The “Question” culture is the latest business tool to address the status quo problem of brand builders. If we don’t know what really to know, how can we possible know if its right or not? If the REAL problem is not lying stripped bare in front of us, how would we find a solution worthy of it? 

So start asking questions. Ask yourself. Your boss. Your CEO. Your suppliers. Your customers. Just ask around. Don’t be shy to ask. And don’t be scared if you don’t know the answer. At least you know what to work on.

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