Marketing Idea No. 135 – One stop digital film processing and printing shops

Who would have thought that Kodak will fall? Well, that’s the price you pay for not looking over your shoulder. And that’s game, set and match for you when you ignore digital revolution eating at your business.

 After the fall from grace of Kodak, the digital photography business was up for grabs and quite a few players, Canon, Sony and Olympus are cueing up to fight the good fight. But another player who is set to lose out are the film processing & development centers. Back in the golden days these were the triumphant businesses, charging more than Tk. 100 for developing your film. It was so easy. Just take your shots and send them to these centers. And you get your Kodak moments all printed and packaged.

But like Kodak, these photo print shops are in dire straits and running the risk of crashing out of business. To survive that these photo shops need to redefine their business and add value through some other means like digital photo processing. Its actually quite a cumbersome process to take the photos, download them from memory card to a digital storage device, and then take print-outs. The new business can help this whole process by providing one stop service, home service, proving the digital backup for your precious photos, providing temporary photo carrying facility for those who don’t have USB / flash drives. There are quite a few areas where they can add value.

Such centers are already there. But they are not as ubiquitous as the film photography processing centers. May be the old photo shops are still in love with the past to see the digital revolution.

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