Marketing Idea No. 13 – Differentiate Bangladeshi T-Shirts with Attitude Lines

Some years back when the Movie “Bachelor” was a big hit, one T-Shirt with an attitude line, taken from the movie, was a big hit. Everybody who is anybody who is cool, wanted to have one. But somehow what should have kicked off a new trend in T-shirts never quite took off.

Lets take a look at the T-shirts in Bangladesh. Most of them are just T-shirts. Well you may ask what should a T-shirt be other than just a T-shirt. The answer is – it can be a mode of slef-expression. And thats where a big opportunity for differentiation lie. This is globally a big trend – T-shirts with quips and kinky quotes. People dont buy those T-shirts because of the quality of the stitching. They buy it because they love the lines.

The Big Idea

Any deshi brand – Westecs, Ecstasy – anyone can really curve out a niche for them and produce something different for the youth of Bangladesh by producing T-shirt with punch lines. Right now we see on or two here and there. But not a Brand that is dedicated with T-shirts with attitide lines.

If you were Ecstasy, or Westecs or SoulDance, the thing to do is open a new line of clothes that stands for “T-Shirt with attitude lines”. Its a guaranteed recipe to stay fresh and stand out, as well earn some big money.

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  1. well for one there is already a few players doing so. (I forget the name but it’s a shop in Farmgate that has got a cult following already)

    From the brand side Mojo has been experimenting on this line as well. More soon.

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