Marketing Idea No. 126 – Are you looking at your salesperson’s age?

Here’s one of the reason why your competition’s products are selling better than yours – your sales person’s age!!

Research shows that the closer the age of the salesperson is to the age of the actual customer, the higher the probability of the sale being complete. This shows the massive amount of trust that customers put on the POS personnel.

This throws in another dimension in the already demanding recruiting situation. So are you looking at the age of your sales recruitee from the point of view of a customer? 

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  1. T-Money. 14 years ago

    Hrm, very interesting. I guess this is relevant to the persuasion’s principle of similarity. We like people more if they’re similar to us. We’re also more likely to buy goods from people we like. Marketing has a lot to learn from social psychology.

    Good post 🙂

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