Marketing Idea No. 122 – Media Planning in the age of cable channels

In the era of globalization, Satellite TV, cable channels and Harry Potter – does traditional media planning works?

The answer is a tricky “No”.

While multi-national FMCG companies have a history of taking regional ads and dubbing it in our local language, its a trend that will only increase. And quite rightly so. When consumers are exposed to the brand from satellite channels without any budgetary involvement from the local subsidiary, the local brand team can afford to spend that money into on ground activation.

Thats a perfect mix and match situation. The Regional team prepares the TV spots which are shown in cable channels. The TA is exposed to the ad through cable channels and already are aware of the brand. Then the local brand team can spend little or no money in electronic media presence and spend that money to reach “media dark” (People who are not exposed to mass media) people through direct activation.

Any brand with strong global and regional presence can take advantage of this situation. 

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