Marketing Idea No. 12 – Creating fantastic characters for our Bangladeshi drama serials

A glance to our satellite TV channel will tell the story. What does “Kiun Ki Saas Bhi Kabhi bahun thi”, “Kutumb”, “Kahin Kissi Roz” and “Kasauti Zindagi Ki” have in common?

Apart from a brilliant consumer analyst and marketer like Ekta Kapoor, they have strong characters that stays vibrant in our mind – even when the serial will be long gone. Agreed, these serials have some of the most cliched storylines and illogical, over dramatized relationships ever documented on TV – but the segment it is aimed for is glued to it. The secret? Strong characters that they can identify with.

A brief look at the history of our dramas. Which ones stand out more? “Koathao Keu nei”, “Ey shob din ratri”, “Firieye Dao Aronno” – what do these have in common? Again strong characters. 

And this is where drama serials of present is missing the trick. Agreed, almost all of them focus on the middle class and more or less tell the same story – but by simply having some strong, breakthrough characters like Baker bhai or Mama, they can really stand out among the sea of drama serials we have today.  

Organizations that can benefit from this idea

Its a proven formual that great characters – even with not-so-great storylines – can be a big crowdpuller. Balaji films and Ekta kapoor has pointed it to us once an for all. Now its time for Bangladesh’s young and aspiring writers and drama serial producers to really learn from them and STAND OUT.

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