Marketing Idea No. 103 – Make your brand star in a real reality show!

This idea is contributed by Rizwana Tasneem

Isn’t it always the case where, in a supermarket, most people head straight for the brands they are accustomed to using, without even considering the others? It’s like a default behaviour. Much of this brand loyalty is due to laziness and a why-bother attitude.  And this is one of the greatest ally you can use for your brands, because this attitude still leaves a window of opportunity for you to change people’s minds at the moment of purchase.  For one reason or another, we sometimes just change our minds and pick up a brand out of the blue.  Now, you can take advantage of this behaviour to your brand’s benefits.

Use “fake” brand ambassadors to promote your product in a supermarket aisle. Like when someone is purchasing a certain brand of toothpaste, you can have the ‘customer’ recommend your brand to someone else, speaking highly of the brand and the benefits he has gained from using the brand. This is known as “situation placement”, where you squeeze in some brand recommendation down the line.

First thing for you to determine is where & how to place the brand & its message.  Try to think of your brand as the hero and then tell the story of how it became the hero. You need to extract the benefits of the brand into the story. Ensure to identify the unique skills of your brand and then to place your brand in a story so that it turns out to be hero, the helper or the focus point.

Done correctly, your brands will certainly come out as the stars of the show!

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