Marketing Idea No. 101 – Can viral videos work in Bangladesh?

Is it possible to realistically speard words through online?

 MTV india seems to think so. In different times, MTV india has resorted to Internet for different campaigns and with great success.

1. MTV Roadies is a popular reality TV program of MTV which is entering its fourth season. For promotion of this program. MTV has shot a viral video. This viral video resulted in 53,000 + unique visitors for the MTV India website. Thats a lot of word of mouth!

2. In MTV India website, there is a small section called mobile films where people can shoot and upload small films with their mobile phones.

3. In another contest, MTV asked viewers to create music videos for Indian rock band pentagram. This call for action, resulted in 1000+ music videos in total.   

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  1. brathethai 14 years ago

    Videos can be used anywhere in the world. YouTube is everywhere
    Here’s some examples of how businesses are using video on the internet

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