Marketing Idea No. 10 – Extending the Mama Halim business into an international brand

This idea is contributed by Toffael Rashid, Director of Innovation,  Pepsico Asia 

Which name stands for delicious halim in our mind? Unanimously, “Mama Halim”.

Therefore its a pity that Mama halim is just one store serving a limited number of city dwellers – not an international brand serving canned halim to all over the world. Whose stopping them? Probably themselves – and low awareness of the power of branding.

The Idea

1. Take Mama Halim and turn it into a International brand, available in cans in super markets and ready to be exported

2. Take Mama Halim and make it a chain store serving millions of Bengali’s all over the world.

Fakhruddin biriani is on the right path – thats why they have just opened an outlet in Singapore.

  1. bangladeshcorporate 14 years ago

    Perhaps they do not have sponsors to patronise their business plans.

  2. Debasish Shikder 14 years ago

    The perception of taste alover the world are not same. Even taste perception of halim in Dhaka and in chittagong are not same. Only targeting persons who have tested mama halim may not be profiteable. Perhaps Fakruddin biriani is not yet a big success globally. But through govt. generic promotion of bangladeshi local recipies may be promoted globally.

  3. Syed Saddam Hossain 13 years ago

    I think, to establish a brand locally, product has to talk itself through its quality. But the taste of Mama Halim is not the same as before. So it must have to change their quality.

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